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From Ash to Gold: Tee George / A Sip of Tee.

Meet Tee: wanderer, food lover, content creator. Tee runs a blog called 'A Sip of Tee', a platform she dedicates to all of her travels, adventures & musings. Check out this article on her travels & the advice she offers novice travelers:

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Tee & I am the travel + lifestyle blogger behind 'A Sip Of Tee.' I love giving tips & guides for the everyday traveler & helping people live life intentionally.

Where did your love for travel come from? It's funny because I grew up in a military family & moved every two years, but my love for travel didn't come until my sophomore year of college. I went on my first international trip to Cancun, Mexico & fell in love with the culture & vibes there. I was hooked ever since.

How did your journey as a content creator / lifestyle & travel influencer begin? It began with me just posting photos & videos of my travels & staying consistent.

What's your favorite part about traveling? I love meeting new people, experiencing different cultures & seeing all of God's beautiful creations.

What's the most frustrating part about travel? Not having enough money to do it full time lol.

What have been your favorite trip (domestically & internationally) Domestically, the Great Smoky Mountains for sure. I'm a mountain girl & would love to move there. Internationally. Bali. The island was so diverse — cliffs on one side, hip bars & clubs on the other; volcanoes in the North, & the cultural center in the middle.

What's your dream destination? I have so many but right now the top of my list is Greece, Cuba & Italy.

What advice do you have for travel planning? Let the deals drive your decision. I always pick locations with great flight deals over those with fancy attractions or resorts. If you see a great flight deal don't wait too long, but make sure it's right for you. Once you know the price of the flight & the destination you're going to, map out the estimated costs of the trip & make sure it fits into your budget before you book. I originally wanted to go to Australia and the plane tickets were $1,800 round trip but I chose to go to Thailand for $400 round trip instead. You can travel the world cheaply if you seek out the deals.

What advice do you have for folks wanting to become a content creator / influencer? Create content for what you are passionate about. Don't worry about what you think people want to see and post what you enjoy and the people that are right for you will find you.

Where can we follow your adventures? You can find me on TikTok & Instagram @_asipoftee_

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