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From Ash to Gold: Kei Pittrell / Hello Boogie.

Tell us a little about yourself. Hiii I’m Kei (Pronounced: Key), I’m a fashion designer and graphic illustrator here in little ole po’dunk Danville Virginia. I’m 34, single, I love fried chicken & enjoy long romantic walks to the liqu- oh…not that type of interview.

What does design mean to you? Design to me is a visual language. It’s expression in its purest form. It’s a way to say what you wanna say and for people to see how you’re saying it.

What does innovation mean to you? Innovation is just how you say it. People say Hello millions of different ways but how you say it is how people remember you.

When did your interest in fashion begin? When I was young actually. My dad was very alternative with his style of dress; he was a local DJ here. He loved wearing colorful clothes, mixing his patterns & wasn’t very matchy-matchy. I remember admiring that. When I was in like second grade, school picture day was my favorite day. I would spend hours picking out my outfit for that day because I knew I had to look my absolute best. I always wanted to try new things especially outfits I saw on TV.

How does design help tell better stories? You’re absolutely not going to misinterpret anything I have to say when it comes to design. When I design, I zero in on an exact message and I make sure you see, hear & feel what I’m trying to say.

What has been your favorite design project? It would have to be getting ready for Fashion Week! I always plan my biggest collections & the process is so fun; the work, not so much, but the process. Very that!

What is your favorite part of being a designer? Expressing my creativity and showing the world that I’m a bad bitch both visually, artistically & creatively. There might be better, but there’s no one that can do the exact same thing that I do & I love that about me.

What is the most stressful part of being a designer? Deadlines…………..DEADLINES!!!!!

If you could have ANYONE on your dream design team (local, famous, dead, alive, etc.) who would it be? Jerry Lorenzo or Tom Ford, off the top of my head.

Where can we follow & book you? Instagram @helloboogie, also my website & that should lead you to all my other socials!

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