• Corey Williams

Creating a Greener Classroom.

One of my goals for my classroom in 2020 was to create a green classroom; I’ve personally taken the leap to live a MORE eco-friendly lifestyle so I wanted to integrate it into my classroom. Here are some tips for creating a greener & more environmentally friendly classroom.

  • A classroom set of supplies. I have a classroom set of pencils, pens & highlighters that I use for my classroom. I keep them in containers & offer a simple barter (works great with cell phones) or reward system for the supplies if they use them.

  • Google Classroom. Google Classroom offers an array of digital literacy options that prevents the necessity to print worksheets, study guides, etc.

  • Recycle.

  • Natural light. If the sun is out and the students are engaged, I try to keep the blind & windows open as much as possible (it also serves as a natural air freshener for a room full of teenagers)

  • Himalayan salt lamps. Salt lamps are natural sources of light & serve as an air purifier. They balance out electromagnetic radiation & improve mental performance. Salt lamps also help balance moods, reduce anxiety & sharpen concentration.

  • Plants. Plants have similar benefits to salt lamps – they purify the air, boost mood, reduce airborne contaminants & create a sense of community and responsibility.

  • Digital study guides & videos. Use a classroom cloud or Google Classroom to upload digital copies of study guides & notes. Use YouTube (or your own videos) to review lessons.

  • Laminate. If you have to print things, laminate as much as you can to be able to reuse them year after year.

  • Cloud technology. Upload your own lesson plans assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. use to for future classes.

  • Class copy. If you must print, consider just using a class copy and telling students to return the copy. This works great for notes!

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